Full Gym Setup 4 Sell in Gandhinagar Gujarat

Ready to Start Gym Everything Included just shift and start

Full Gym Setup For Sell in very less Price 9,99,999/-

5 Tredmill >>>>

4 Cross Trainer >>>

Lat pull down ~~~

Chest press

Chest Fly

Shoulder press

Leg Extanion

Leg curl

Abs machine

Cable Cross

Preacher Curl with unbuild weights

Single Arm Curl Station with unbuild weights

Incline press

Decline press

Calf raise

Squat rack

T Bar station back

Single Arm Row back Station

Leg press machine

Normal plates around 250 kg

Bumper plates 150 kg

Dumbells around 200 kgs

Olympic Rod 3

Zik zac rod 2

Straight small 6 Ft

Hammer rod 4 Ft

55 FT >>>

Dumblles Rack

3 bench

Plate rack

Roc stand

Flipping Tire

>>>>>>>>>>$>>>>>>>> /——-

Aerobic ball

Aerobic Matt

Wall Mirrors


Brand New 7 AC worth of 4,50,000/- including in price of 9,99,999/->>>>>>>

2500 soft Green Grass

1200 sqft rubber Matt



8 to 10 Fans 30 to Lights

Mcb and 3 Phase wiring

Music system

Aro Brand New /-

Chiller water cooler /-

Steam Machine /——

Sections for office /———

Music system

Office table and chair





Gym Display Board

Shoes Racks