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Rajini Sudharsan

Thalaivar Dharisanam on every minute... I love a lot Boss TV ... thank u team

Narayanan Subramaniam

Downloaded and was happy to receive the Live TV without any stoppage at Bangalore (currently I am holidaying here).Superb.Hope to watch your TV from Chennai (Nanganallur) after 25th June and send yu my feedback.


It’s truly for Super Star Rajini Sir! We love all the programs!




All over Family Enjoying Boss Tv.. Boss Tv Super oh Super..

Trivallur Dhanush Rasigar Mandram

Keep Rocking Boss Tv.. Best wishes for growth. By Trivallur Dhanush Rasigar Mandram

Rajini Sudharsan Erode

U guys r rocking.... Thanks for the giving Thalaivar dharisanam on every minutes... Keep continue team ???... - Rajini Sudharsan Erode

Santhosh Kumar (Rsting:5*)

Nice I love boss TV ,amazing app,keep rocking

john Bharathi (Ratings:5*)

Loved it A rocking private metropolitan channel.. worth to watch it.. ever..

Dhanapalan R (Ratting: 5*)

Fastest steaming,lovely programs ,awesome movie collections,ur rocking Boss?

MC Sai Saran (Ratings:5*)

I lyk boss thn our channel program supr

Lakshmi Dheepa (Ratings:4*)

I like FB choice. It is fantastic!

Vigneshwaran V (Ratings:5*)

I like Facebook choice and ur gudddd response gud channel The Boss

Santhosh Ramachandran(Ratings:5*)

Tv on pannadhum modha vekkira channel Boss thaan Best Entertaining channel Special Thanks frm Thalaivar Behalf Sooper Star Fans Maximum Time Thalaivar sng & Movi Bossssssss Pera Kettavodaney Chumma Adhirudhilla

Dakshna Str(Ratings:4*)

Nice channel I like it non stop movie s tharumaru nice concept

Vignesh Krishnan (Ratings:5*)

It's really good , put the hit movie in the channel , I love this ...

VJ Deepa Sri(Ratings:5*)

Congrats It's really super. All the best to Boss tv.......

Casmir Selva(Rating:5*)

Newly open channel . If u have any thing to advt mean follow this page....

Vignesh AJ(Rating:3*)

Good entertainment Happy to see this TV I have so many idea to develop this program And I have to participate ur show I have some idea for TV program.. Kindly give me a chance to visit..

Gaurav Lunked (Rating:5*)

Super boss tv I give u 5 star super I give up on my boss tv

Benze Sekar(Rating:5*)

like to watch boss TV all programmes. ...Nice & innovative concepts to attract all kind of audience. ....Hatez off BOSS TV....ALL THE BEST....

Jeeth Singh (Rating:3*)


kannan (Rating:5*)


Arvi Aravindh (Rating:5*)

Bosss pera Keta udane chumma athiruthula...

Shankar Theradi (Rating:4*)


Velu G Joy (Rating:5*)


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