Santhosh Kumar (Rsting:5*)

Nice I love boss TV ,amazing app,keep rocking

john Bharathi (Ratings:5*)

Loved it A rocking private metropolitan channel.. worth to watch it.. ever..

Dhanapalan R (Ratting: 5*)

Fastest steaming,lovely programs ,awesome movie collections,ur rocking Boss?

MC Sai Saran (Ratings:5*)

I lyk boss thn our channel program supr

Lakshmi Dheepa (Ratings:4*)

I like FB choice. It is fantastic!

Vigneshwaran V (Ratings:5*)

I like Facebook choice and ur gudddd response gud channel The Boss

Santhosh Ramachandran(Ratings:5*)

Tv on pannadhum modha vekkira channel Boss thaan Best Entertaining channel Special Thanks frm Thalaivar Behalf Sooper Star Fans Maximum Time Thalaivar sng & Movi Bossssssss Pera Kettavodaney Chumma Adhirudhilla

Dakshna Str(Ratings:4*)

Nice channel I like it non stop movie s tharumaru nice concept

Vignesh Krishnan (Ratings:5*)

It's really good , put the hit movie in the channel , I love this ...

VJ Deepa Sri(Ratings:5*)

Congrats It's really super. All the best to Boss tv.......

Casmir Selva(Rating:5*)

Newly open channel . If u have any thing to advt mean follow this page....

Vignesh AJ(Rating:3*)

Good entertainment Happy to see this TV I have so many idea to develop this program And I have to participate ur show I have some idea for TV program.. Kindly give me a chance to visit..

Gaurav Lunked (Rating:5*)

Super boss tv I give u 5 star super I give up on my boss tv

Benze Sekar(Rating:5*)

like to watch boss TV all programmes. ...Nice & innovative concepts to attract all kind of audience. ....Hatez off BOSS TV....ALL THE BEST....

Jeeth Singh (Rating:3*)


kannan (Rating:5*)


Arvi Aravindh (Rating:5*)

Bosss pera Keta udane chumma athiruthula...

Shankar Theradi (Rating:4*)


Velu G Joy (Rating:5*)


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